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University Pension Plan Ontario

U of T, the University of Guelph, and Queen’s University have been developing a jointly-sponsored pension plan for employees at all three universities. Learn more…

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Monday to Friday
8:30 a.m to 5 p.m.
Local calls: 416.226.8278
Toll-free: 888.852.2559
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Notice of Application for Chief Executive Officer’s Consent

This notice coincides with the formal regulatory notice that was mailed on January 22, 2020 to pension plan members; retired members; former members, and other persons entitled to benefits; and Trade Unions that represents Members.

Download the Notice of Application [PDF]


Notice of Proposed July 1, 2021 Conversion to the University Pension Plan Ontario (“UPP”)

The general notice coincides with the formal regulatory notices that were mailed on March 25, 2019, to members, retired members, former members and other persons with entitlement under the current University of Toronto pension plan.

Download the Notice of Proposed Conversion [PDF]


Supporting the well-being of employees and their families

About the U of T Pension Plan

The University of Toronto (U of T) Pension Plan and the University of Toronto (OISE) Pension Plan* are defined benefit pension plans that provide eligible members (see your employee group collective agreement or employment policies for eligibility to participate) a pre-defined lifetime income, regardless of financial market conditions and how long you live.

Your pension also provides:

  • Income after your death to an eligible spouse and / or dependent children
  • Retirement income that is related to your salary and service accumulated while in the pension plan

The earlier you join the plan, the greater your pension benefit will be. Your pension contribution is deducted directly from your paycheque. To help ensure the purchasing power of that retirement income, your pension is based on your highest 36 months of pensionable salary. Once you start receiving your pension, it is increased annually to help offset how much living expenses have increased.

For estimates and questions about your pension, please contact:

U of T Pension Services
Phone: 888.852.2559

Read the Plan:

*The University of Toronto Pension Plan (registration #0312827) and University of Toronto (OISE) Pension Plan (registration #0353854) fall under federal regulation and the provincial Pension Benefits Act.

Enrolment & Eligibility

Shortly after starting work, you’ll be invited to a benefits orientation session with your HR Divisional Office. At that time, your enrolment options will be discussed with you.

For enrolment and eligibility, please contact your Divisional HR Office.

Pension Plan Booklets

Transferring Your Pension

U of T’s Pension Plan has a provision that allows you, as a new employee, to transfer pension funds from the Canadian Registered Pension Plan (RPP) of your former employer to our Plan, enabling you to receive additional service credit within the University of Toronto Pension Plan for your former pension service.

This additional service credit within our Plan counts towards your University pension and may help you qualify for an unreduced, early retirement when you reach age 60. Pensions or assets from other countries cannot be transferred to the University of Toronto Pension Plan.

Apply to Transfer Your Pension:

Transferring your pension from an RPP takes at least a year (minimum) to complete.

To assist with the process, you can:

  1. Contact your former employer and have them fill in the Transfer of Pension Credits to the University of Toronto Form
  2. Complete and return the Pension Transfer Application Form within 12 months from the date you became a member of the U of T Pension Plan.

Please return the forms to:

Divison of HR & Equity
University of Toronto
215 Huron Street, 8th Floor
Toronto, ON  M5S 1A2

The University also has reciprocal agreements with several employers, which govern the reciprocal recognition of pension service between the University’s Pension Plan and other employers’ plans.